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Idle Homemaker

Silly. Simple. Sincere.

Puteri malu, terinjak sapi beringas.

hanya sensasi,
penuh basa-basi,

Dulu menjauhi,
sekarang menjajaki

tuk pertahankan posisi,
tuk regenerasi

Lihatlah realitas,
ia tak sekedar bahan perbincangan lawas,
ia tak semata janji tak berbekas.

12 April 2014
Inspired by: The update situation after quick count result of Indonesia Legislative Election on 9 Apr 14.

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Selamat datang di republik tempe,

Sudahkah kita nyoblos,
Ayo kita oplos,
Lalu kita brongkos,

Sim salabim,
Tak perlu lagi ja’im,

Tak usah lama menanti,
Koalisi telah tersaji,

Isuk dele sore tempe.

12 April 2014
Inspired by: The update situation after quick count result of Indonesia’s Legislative Election on 9 Apr 14.

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It’s a usual morning school days…

But this morning I learn to realize, my 1st baby boy (will be 4 next July, Play Group class) now’s become a school boy; who has understood, willingly accepted & conformed with the school culture.

He never does a heavy cranky morning anymore (just sometime mild cranky). It’s been more than a month he always refuses to be accompanied till the class, instead he wants me just to drop him off in front of the school gate, then he directly shakehands to the teachers in the gate (or sometime he needs to queue with other pupils to shakehand with teachers incharge to greet the pupils in the gate) & then wave his hand ‘bye’ to me who u-turn my car passing the school gate, before he enters the school.

He is still a little boy of his age, with all the naughtiness & sweetness. But I’m impressed and my tears drops one or two. Somehow, I remember the heavy cranky mornings for the previous school months, not long ago.

It’s true that:  “The days are long, but the years are short. Enjoy every moment.” -Liam Neeson

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Mami, thank you for giving birth to me & always loving me as what I am.

My 41st b’day yesterday.

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Sep 2013, my husband & I stayed 3D/2N, and tried most of what The Bale has — beach club, spa, couple dinner, the library, off course breakfast — except the fitness (we don’t have time for that). For couple of big city hussle bustle like us, everything is excellent & we enjoy every moment of our stays.

The most important point is, The Bale does have GENEROUS SPACE for every activity, inside the room has big bath area, outside the room inside the villa they have spacious terrace for any activities you can imagine, private pool, sunbathing, daybed and lazy chair for reading-eating-drinking-or just relaxing etc with complete amenities. We also find the same generous space outside villa, in the restaurants, and especially in the Spa.

It’s such a SERENITY & solitude (in a pampered & tropical style), with a stupa/borobudur temple/arupadatu concept, with wide on entrance & ground level then stepping up to our room on upper level, quite a walk every time but It likely as a kind of pilgrimage. Entering our villa room we can hear soft traditional Balinese instrument.

The breakfast, the couple dinner, they have healthy & hearty choices, in line with the healthy mind-body-soul rejuvenating concept.

The beach club at in front beach, Geger beach, is clean Sandy beach with blue sea blue sky, serene & relaxing, but you can also get sporty with some watersport e.g. canoeing, wind sailing.

The Bale strong concept, thoughtful sincere SERVICES from the team & facilities does rejuvenate & relax us ~ mind, body & soul. Always inspiring, and I am looking forward to return.

The Bale, Nusa Dua, Bali.
Restricted for children under 16 yo.

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Decluttering is one of my emotional catharsis.

Especially for particular days when i think:
1.   I fail on several things.
2.   I’m not very productive.
3.   I don’t reach my goals.
4.   Things don’t work as what I think they supposed to be.
5.   I have very high emotional fluctuations/emotional need to be released, or bad mood.

I feel completing something after decluttering and counting how many things I have uncluttered. But most of all, I am pleased and more peaceful to see more open space at home, in rooms, inside cupboards, on the tables. It is likely the emotional burden in my heart thrown far away, with the things I release in decluttering.

Yes, i always feel i have more space in my heart, calmer and peaceful with my mind too, that I have accomplished good things in that particular day.

My utmost and first inspiration of decluttering, simplicity, and more and more organizing smartly are my 2 boys, both toddlers. Living with them, you know what I mean.

My source of inspirations and models also from and

Hope you have a great weekend!

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I say ‘If you are to come, just come closer & linger me, I can’t resist seeing you just with my eyes range from far’; coz he is just the fullest fun & warmth. He sways me always with his fresh fancy fragrance.

A sip of Earl Grey will make all the way.

His smell always awakens my smile. He is my Earl, Earl Grey.

My cup of tea & I.
Me time with my Earl, Earl Grey.

Drink your tea slowly & reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves — slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future. Live the actual moment.  ~Thich Nhat Hanh (from




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