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Idle Homemaker

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Thinking and thanking.
My beautiful and bountiful country.
May God bless each of us, the people of Indonesia.
20 Oct 2014.

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In many ways, nature is sweet & kind to the soul. Nurturing nature is nurturing mankind.

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Nourishing is always easier than nurturing.

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A working man – – one who does his job properly – – is a sexy man.

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Mango season has come!


Mangga golek, 2014

Mari mari mangga golek,
Cantik dipandang lalu pas dibelek,
Asem legi wangi bikin merem melek.

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Moon orchid*, you’re so beautiful, and I feel peaceful looking at you.

My country is beautiful & peaceful, same as you.

Let her be the ultimate place of inspiration for our work, our sweat & our sanctuary.

I love all my fellow Indonesians, we are Indonesians, we are Indonesia.


1. Moon orchid ia one of three Indonesia National Flower. Photo credit from

2. Today 9 Jul 14, we, Indonesians have Election Day for President & Vice President. The incumbents are only 2 sets. The competition of each incumbent’s supporters are so heat up, somehow seems like beyond objectivity & seems like torn apart the country, my concern.

3.  I’m a minority Indonesian Chinese. One of many subjects of election campaigns has relations with Riot May 1998 issues of missing peoples & some Indonesian Chinese as victims.

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I learn about beauty mostly from nature.

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