Clear Cafe-Ubud, Bali

   “Recommended in internet as all organic, great taste n cheap by lots visitors — best juices it’s said,” my hubby directed us to Clear Cafe. “Whatever. I’m too tired to choose any else after stairs n stepping up inside Neka Museum,” I replied. “Here we are, just drop us off. Let’s get in,” my hubby said to the driver n us while light rain started. “What? It has no parking space, in this narrow alley, inside rather dark but I don’t see any lamps on, I see it from big doors/openings, I bet no AC inside. Also space no big n quite a people. How can I survive this lunch bringing a very active toddler?” I observed quickly once step down from car. But light rain become bigger n our rented-car has bn away in that one way alley. Have to step in. What?? All footwear shud be left before the entrance door? This’s so crazy. N who’re inside the cafe? Hippie-hippie looks! Honestly, I have bad prejudice that hippies are mostly junkies. Tall-slim mostly wear kind of loose BritishIndia tops. “Is this fit for fam bring a toddler for lunch?” I wandered. “No table here, but we’ve available ones upstairs. Come in,” direct the waitress. My goodness. Stepping up open air narrow (just 1.5x wide our buttock) cement stairs with light-medium rain poured our heads. “Be careful with your little boy, coz one side in upstairs has no protector at all”, means we can loose jump to downstairs. Above a carambol-sized table n yoga mats awaits us to do lunch in it. Lesehan — sit on the floor. Olala. That’s what my encountering with this cafe.

But the food is great, in quality material as well as the taste. I order Tuna Sunshine (big plate +- IDR 50.000) n Strawberry Soy Milk Juice then very nice a glass of Choco Drink. Yes, we’ve to be very careful there, but upstairs space is bigger n most of the lunch is only us. We’re enjoying easy-lazy-breezy long lunch here with no AC. Then I realized that many eaters here are yoga practitioners,calm-slim-tall-straight body — don’t look skinny/bony/unstraight body as drug users. I must admit my prejudice is wrong. Also clearly stated in the menu if one food can classified as Vegan n/or Vegetarian diets. They, the Yogi.s, talk each other calmly/busy with their laptop eat a bowl of soup/light snack in medium plate n a glass of juice…but we ordered full main-courses in big plates…yes you know its Yogi.s VS Yogi Bear in this cafe…just guess which ones we are…

Lunch, 15 Dec 2011. We’re too busy with our food, so we only take these 3 pictures here — happy faces: Eat n Chat expressions. Wanna know more, just try on site. It’s on Hanoman Street, Ubud, just 100meter from Pasar Seni Ubud. Don’t forget to bring enough cash, they accept cash only.



    • Monggo Jeng Tina dicoba Clear nya hehe…persiapkan diri utk kemungkinan ngantri… harapanku utk Tina dkk yg ke Bali smoga next trip ke Bali makin menambah wawasan-warna-n makna hidup ini…serta jangan lupa be fun-fun-fun!

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