Homelifey Thought

Feel so plain and drained,
Physically and mentally,
Recent days full of duties and responsibilities,
From sunrises to middle of nights,

Finally I came to merry malls,
fancy funs were around,
But didn’t get any opportunities to have any fancy funs,

It’s about making sure my family members are well and content with their needs at first place,
It’s about that obligation and responsibilities come on first.

Yes, I miss the fancy rainbow,
Miss art thou o Colorful Rainbow,
O Thou Rainbow, please show us your radiant rays…

When the moon has climbed high,
When I lay me down in my short-simple-sanctuary,
My mind came to conclusion and conscience,
Think no disparity, it’s your life now — accept to do many givings,
And living in, blending in by all means.

It’s your crafty now,
It’s the grand art to master,
Yes, sometimes caught between balance and boring,
But keep in mind — that it’s about,
How artsy can you go?

~ an expecting mom with a cute toddler, a homemaker.


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