School Days

It’s a usual morning school days…

But this morning I learn to realize, my 1st baby boy (will be 4 next July, Play Group class) now’s become a school boy; who has understood, willingly accepted & conformed with the school culture.

He never does a heavy cranky morning anymore (just sometime mild cranky). It’s been more than a month he always refuses to be accompanied till the class, instead he wants me just to drop him off in front of the school gate, then he directly shakehands to the teachers in the gate (or sometime he needs to queue with other pupils to shakehand with teachers incharge to greet the pupils in the gate) & then wave his hand ‘bye’ to me who u-turn my car passing the school gate, before he enters the school.

He is still a little boy of his age, with all the naughtiness & sweetness. But I’m impressed and my tears drops one or two. Somehow, I remember the heavy cranky mornings for the previous school months, not long ago.

It’s true that:  “The days are long, but the years are short. Enjoy every moment.” -Liam Neeson


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