Birthday Wish // Reminder To Myself

Thank You Lord, my 2nd little one has turned to two.

Thank You for the family we have, and for the many things our family has been enjoying, more than adequate.

Thank You for your kind providence, in good times and bad times, in my ugly temper as well.

Please remind me to always be sensitive to my little boy’s needs, to feel what he feels when crying, curious, smiling, or laughing. And to meet his needs at my best.

Remind me to give more hugs than yelling when teaching him.

Remind me to be more loving at anytime.

Help me to be more patient, and be an effective example for my boys to learn kindness, respect, discipline, order, and be on time.

Off course, I cannot do all that all alone. I need supports from families and friends, far and around. I am also thankful to get support from wonderful people in internet with their insight and life sharings. Life is full of ups and downs, specially at down times.
Please give me wisdom, strength, and stamina.

Please remind me to be open, to continuously learn and apply.

Thank you, Lord.



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