Happy New Year 2015, Happy Holiday

Dear Friends, thank you for we are being together in 2014. Wishing you a Happy New Year 2015, full of renewed hopes, spirit & strength.

And my 2015 resolutions, just ordinary ones:
1. Stop overeating, eat healthy.
2. Stop angry outburst: more patient, more creative ways to handle kids.
3. Wake up earlier, 4am, in order to be able to have time for:
– Reflection.
– Doing hobbies/what I like/having a more balanced life – – such as blogging, learning photography, reading, thinking, even decluttering – – with the purpose of self actualization & to increase my daily satisfaction at the end of the day.
– Daily preparing veggies and/or fruits – –  to add the daily veggies/fruits intake in meals & snacks.
As the consequences, I have to sleep earlier & arrange the days accordingly.

And the least, I hope you have great times with you loved ones this holiday season.

Warm regards,
Vivi ~ Idle Homemaker


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