Fried Noodle With Sweet Sausage


Mother & small kid friendly: Easy to chew, simple ingredients, easy to cook.

Asian style.
Non halal.




–   1/2 portion medium sized diameter Egg Noodle (+- 100 gr). One portion usually +- 200 gr.
–   2 Egg
–   1/2 Carrot or 1/2 Broccoli, rinse well, cut small, steam till a bit soft. Then put in food processor, add just a little water, and process (blender). Make (my kids) little ones who don’t like/still difficult to chew veggies eat & get the important nutrients.
–   1 piece Sweet Pork Sausage a.k.a Lap Chiong, slice thin.
–   1 Onion or 3 big Shallots, and (optional)1 Garlic, mince with knife, then process (blender).
–   2-3 spoon Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade Honey & Soy.
–   Sugar, salt.
–   About 4 spoon Oil for frying: can be any frying oil e.g. coconut oil/corn oil/olive oil.


1. Cook the Egg Noodle according to pack instructions. Then drain the noodle thoroughly.

2. Meanwhile, high heat a little water in the Wok/large frying pan, stir fry the Sweet Pork Sausage 2-3 minutes till sausage fat mixed in the water & the water boiled. This we make broth, and the sliced sausage will be soft enough for small kids to chew. Remove the sausage & broth from the pan, put them in separate containers to avoid the sausage become to watery & lose the flavour.

3. Heat (medium) the oil in the wok, stir fry the processed onion/shallot & garlic till fragrant, put the processed carrot/broccoli, stir fry until mixed with the onion.

4. Still in medium heat, continue with adding the noodle into the wok, break the eggs into the wok, stir fry eggs quick in the noodle, also add broth, sausage, Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade Honey & Soy, stir fry quick till all mixed well in 2-3 minutes. Taste the noodle, add sugar & salt until suit your taste while stir fry till all mixed well in another 1-2 minutes. The dominant taste should be a bit salty, but have sweet taste. (I love) the Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinate makes mild-sweet-starchy nicely for small kids (& adult as well). Put into bowl. Serves 3-4 persons.


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