Japanese Golden Curry Fried Rice


Mother & small kids friendly: Easy to chew, simple ingredients, easy to cook.

Asian style.
Fusion food.






–   2 plates Steamed Rice.
–   1 or 1.5 cube S&B Golden Curry Mix Sauce Mild. One big box contains 8 cubes.
–   +-100 cc broth/water
–   1 Onion or 3-4 big Shallots, sliced, put into food processor, add +-2 spoon of water, process till soft (blend).
–   1/2 carrot or 1/2 broccoli or 1/4 carrot & 1/4 broccoli, steam till medium soft, then put in food processor, add a little water and process till soft.
–   3 Eggs
–   A fistful of Kemangi leaves (Ocimum basilicum var anisatum Benth, lemon basil), rinse clean.
–   Frying oil: coconut oil/olive oil.
–   Salt.


1. In a medium frying pan, and medium heat, put 1 or 1.5 cube S&B Golden Curry Mix Sauce Mild and add +- 100 cc water/broth. Blend the dry cube until mixed with the water/broth and become a boiled liquid soft curry sauce. 2-3 minutes. Remove from the heat.

2. In a medium frying pan with medium heat, put some oil, make 3 sunny side up fried eggs. Set aside. You can use the same pan for making above liquid curry sauce, just put the sauce in another container, rinse the pan with water, the pan is ready for frying eggs.

3. In a wok/large frying pan, medium heat, put 4 spoon frying oil, stir fry the processed onion/shallots till fragrant, add the processed steamed veggies (carrot/broccoli), stir fry quick until mix well. Add the curry liquid sauce, still fry quick again till mixed well, then add 2 0lates steamed rice. Quickly Stir fry all ingredients until mixed well and the rice is quite separate & not sticky, in this step, add more frying oil if necessary. Taste, add some salt if necessary. +-5-7 minutes.

4. The curry rice still in the wok. Add Kemangi leaves into the curry rice, stir fry quick till the leaves withered & mixed well in the curry rice. 1-2 minutes. Kemangi leaves make the curry flavor more fragrant & has a kind of fresh lemon smell. Put the rice to the bowl. Put sunny side up fried eggs onto the curry rice. Serve 3 persons.


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