Fried Chicken Chunks

Fried Chicken Chunks

Mother & small kids friendly: easy to chew, simple ingredients, easy to cook.
Asian style.
Freezer food.

Garlic, salt
Egg, bread crumbs flour (panko)
Chicken cubes, garlic & salt, steamed blended broccoli
Chicken chunks, uncooked yet, ready to fry/freeze


– 2 Breast chicken steak (boneless, skinless) +- 500 gr (1 boneless skinless breast +- 250 gr).
– 1 Broccoli, or 1 carrot, or 1/2 big carrot.
– 4 Garlic, if the garlic is small use 5-6.
– Salt.
– 2 Eggs.
– 2 Bread crumbs flour (panko).
– Frying oil, here I use coconut oil.


1. Broccoli/carrot: rinse well, cut small, steam till a bit soft. Then put into food processor, add a little water, process (blend). The veggie makes little ones who don’t like/still difficult to chew veggies eat & get the important nutrients.

2. Chop the garlic, then add the salt, and grind (by mortar & pestle)/blend till soft — add a little water if needed. Put them in in a big bowl.

3. Cut the boneless skinless chicken breast into 1 cm cubes. If your chicken is from freezer (like mine), steam the frozen chicken breast first till a bit tender that you can cut, it may half cooked when it is tender enough, it’s okay, wait till not very hot then cut into cubes.

4. Add the soft steamed broccoli/carrot into the big bowl. Mix well with the garlic & salt. Then add the chicken cubes into the bowl. Mix them well. Close the bowl & put into fridge/chiller for 15-30 minutes (at least 15 minutes), to let the chicken cubes absorb the spices & veggie.

5. Beat the eggs. Then add the eggs to the bowl. Mix the eggs into the chicken cubes well.

6. In a wide plate, spread the bread crumbs flour. Take a spoon of chicken batter, put it in the bread crumbs flour, roll & cover the chicken batter with the flour. Do the same till all the chicken batter covered & powdered with the flour, they are now chicken chunks ready to fry/freeze. To freeze: put the uncooked chicken chunks into clip lock plastic, then freeze immediately. You can fry them onve you need, finish within 2 weeks.

7. To fry: medium heat the oil in non teflon skillet. Then put several chicken chunks into the skillet, the oil should cover the chunks. Fry them till both side are golden brown. Put it on paper towel to dry the oil, then serve.


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