This is a children song about nature I sang when I was at the elementary school. This song is always on my mind when I see gorgeous rice/veggie fields, plantations, or green landscape.

The author as well as composer is A.T. Mahmud  he is a wonderful man & a truly kid educator with passion & dedication.

I’m not that into music, but my generation grew up in Kinder & elementary with his songs. Our country has very few songwriter for kid, and we were very lucky to have him.

Here it is in English:

“Viewing nature from above the hill,
As far as my eyes could reach,
The river bends and curves,
The green wet field stretches from end to end,
Like a carpet is out spanned at the horizon.
The greenish mountain,
And the cloud drapes over it like an umbrella,
O what wonderful scenery.”

In Indonesian:

“Memandang alam dari atas bukit,
Sejauh pandang ku lepaskan,
Sungai tampak berliku,
Sawah hijau membentang,
Bagai permadani di kaki langit.
Gunung menghijau,
Berpaling awan,
O indah pemandangan.”

I took the picture from Blessing Hill, in Trawas, an hour drive to the south from Surabaya.


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