Paragliding in Batu







The base camp (launching area) is in Banyak Mountain, in the outskirts of Batu Town. It is located +- 110 km to the south from Surabaya, about 2 hour and a half drive. While the landing location is in an area surrounding by the flat greenish veggie/rice fields below the mountain.

It would take you 5-10 minutes on the air, flying around Banyak Mountain & viewing the lush green landscape from the bird’s-eye, before arriving at the landing area, if you go by tandem.

You would need a paragliding license to do paragliding here, otherwise they offer a tandem service. If you are interested to do it by yourself, but have no license yet, here they offer the paragliding course to get the license.

The paragliding is an open attraction & activity. The ticket entering the paragliding area at Banyak Mountain (launching area) is Rp 5.000,-/person.

If you use Google Maps for getting here, you can search for “Wisata Paralayang Batu Gunung Banyak” (means Paragliding Location at Banyak Mountain in Batu).

Paragliding activity starts from around 9 or 10 in the morning.


1. I didn’t go paragliding at the time, but I ask the rate for Tandem & hear other people ask about the Course rate & detail, it’s slightly different than in the websites. Tandem would cost Rp 350.000,-/person all in, including all the equipment rental, and motorcycle service to bring you back to the base camp (launching area) after you land (it takes only 5 minutes motorcycle ride), but you get no pictures. They provide selfie-stick to bring along during the flying, and you can use you own mobile phone on the stick. While the course is Rp 8.000.000,- for 40X paragliding sessions, theories, rental all equipment, etc, but subject to cost of motorcycle to bring you back to launching area after landing.  (these recent days USD 1 = +- Rp 13.000,-)

2. The Launching Area sign board has incorrect spelling “Area Loncing”.

3. I went there with my family & took some pictures on Monday, 4 July 2016. Lots of people join the tandem paragliding at that day.


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