Hello Summer

Bananas ripe on the tree
Corn field growing in summer
Glowing greenery in the summer

Hello Summer,
eventually you come over,
it’s the mist and memories that you uncover,
so much sweat and sanity that you deliver,
and I find new ways I won’t let anyone deter.

Hello Summer,
what constant radiance you strongly shower,
the sprouting roots and fruits for the grower,
the glowing green leaves for the gardener,
so even though I fail many times I won’t surrender.

Hello Summer,
I long for you,
I want you,
I need you,
would you lift me up from the blue?

1. As Adele composes & sings her come back debut ’25’ album with ‘Hello’ song, I try to make my own Hello.
2. Where I live, at the moment is summer time.
3. Everybody makes mistakes, both consciously or unconsciously. Conflicts are also inevitable, conflicts are natural; because each of us, at certain degrees, have similar or different interests. I think, if everybody has the summer qualities, the world would be much more beautiful. There are mistakes & conflicts, but also abundant forgiveness, understanding & encouragement for people to grow their potentials & prosper healthily, and properly.


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