link What I Learn This Week (1st & 2nd week of Oct 2016)

1. It’s time to put everything into perspective. This also includes remembering what I want to achieve & what I need to do purposedly.

2. What’s done is done, I can do nothing about it, whether it’s right/wrong, proper/improper.

3. Finalise everything that I put on hold for so long. Give everything I do a time frame.

4. Openess should always be reciprocal, I think. When you open yourself to other(s), you need other(s) to open up to you too, coz human is an emotional creature. I guess, I learn it the hard way.

5. I need to build, develop, make a lot of effort, spend more real interactions & relations with the real human/friends rather than virtual/blog. Human is a social creature. As a social creature, I do need learning a lot of this to have an proper social ability with other people. Sharing information & emotions, tolerance, how to handle them with others. I can’t learn these needed skills from virtual interactions/relations.

6. There is no use to do so many things in a very limited time abruptly. They have no results, we (specially kids, and I too) can’t learn anything from what we’ve done, and only cause stress to me (big stress) & other people involved (kids specially). Instead, I need to make a plan (including in the strategy is wake up 2.5 hours earlier daily), do it one by one, one thing at a time, and stick with the plan. If I do it patiently & persistently, in the long run, it will give us a good result.



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