30 Things I Gave Up in 3 Days 

Living in equator we have only 2 seasons, dry & rainy season, therefore we (my hubby, kids & me) never wear & buy pajamas. Our pieces when we’re at home for day & night are simply short sleeve’ shirts & shorts.

Following is the 30 things I gave up in the first 3 days of 2017…

1.  A sometime work sometime not perforator. 

2.  A repaired toddler’s toy. 

3.  Corrugated papers for crafts. 

4.  A Snack box for toddler. 

5.  A lunch box. 

6.  2 pieces of my kids’ old shorts. 

7.  5 pieces of my older kid’s not 100% cotton shirts. 

8.  IKEA 2016 catalogue. 

9.  A now too small black Hush Puppies T-Shirt. 

10. A ragged underwear. 

11. 6 outgrown shorts of my younger kid.

12. 4 outgrown tops of my younger kid.

13. 2 new too heavy towels with embroidered names from my brother. 

14. A now almost never wear Grey blazer of mine. 

15. 2 collar tops I’ve been bored to wear. 

16. 2 table calendars of 2016, of course hehe… 

The end of the list. I hope for you all a great day. 




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