Mood For Decluttering

One of the effective declutter session is when you on a high tension & need to lose some steam.

Why? Yes, you’re right, at this time, I can be really ruthless in decluttering.

* Like me now, I need to help my kid prepares for the mid tests for the whole week & more. But quite a lot of time I really still can’t make my kid being responsible for the study. The result is at the end I’m really emotional/angry inside & bad mood. My mood is too bad to do anything else.


Hi Rain, I see you come everyday,
uh, do you have something to say,
do you want to dig my deep despair,
or, do you want to bury what I bear?

The Word

The most reassuring word in the world, I think, is love. It shapes us, changes us, gives us hopes & so many things that nothing could take it. But it’s also the most difficult word to do, to practice at any time, at any circumstances as a verb & as an adverb

Mendung Memancing Emosi & Imaji, Dll LOL

​Mengapa di langit mendung tak bosan mengapung,
dan hujan terus bertahan,
memaksa lamunanku terbang melambung,
emosi dan imajiku bertaut-tautan,
tak mampu diri ini membendung,
riak-riak angan yang merusak tatanan.

Kepada siapakah ku harus bertanya
apakah kepada lidah ku yang tak henti bergoyang,
mungkinkah kepada Bu Endang yang doyan rendang,
atau kepada Pak Bambang penggemar nasi tumpang.

Ada apa dengan Bu Endang dan Pak Bambang?

Bu Endang dan Pak Bambang suka berdendang,
sambil meliuk bergoyang,
tak perlu keluar banyak uang,
yang penting hati tetap senang.

Note: Thanks to for the idea of ‘Ada apa dengan Bu Endang dan Pak Bambang’ Hahaha LOL. 

To My Dear Fellows

Fresh water flows to the low,
to the white roses in the meadow,
so much goodness that I owe,
for every good things that you sow,
I’m sure they’ll grow and glow,
time’ll let them shine and show,
hope your every walk be fruitful my dear Fellow.

I’ve been blessed with so much goodness in my life, including so much goodness my friends & fellows near & far have brought to me…. I write this for all my friends & fellows that have supported me in so many ways… In spirit, in enthusiasm, in happiness & distress, you have shared so many insights & wisdoms to me…my life without you all will never be like this.


My voice is inside let it just confined,
Would you bear it in your mind,
Can you hear or find,
Are we really entwined?

If you ever think what I thought,
Is it something you’ve ever sought,
Or anything the world has ever brought,
Do you realize how the ferment has immensely wrought?

Note: I like Alan Walker’ lyrics style. The lyrics are surreal yet resonate well to many people & life subjects/interpretation. And his music is so emotionally moving. Inspired by his lyrics style & music, I try to write one.