It’s Not My Fight¬†

It’s not my fight… Over there,
My fight is to train my kids of what’s right….Over here,

What’s proper and ethical,
What’s flow from the heart and what’s logical,

to encourage creativity,
to teach them discipline and responsibility,
to interact in integrity,

to let them practicing persistence and endurance,
to help them to be hardworking and competence,

to have love, big heart and kindness,
to diligently bear any consequences.

Ah, certainly not an easy task,
Help me Almighty, I would ask.

~a mother & homemaker/Indonesia

Teacher // Educating

Patience and Inspiration go a long way – – a life time. 

Today, May 2nd, is The National Education Day in Indonesia. This event makes me remember some of my best teachers and my kids’ teachers. One of them is the teacher in the kindergarten, who taught my kid before, told me something I always remember & give me hopes when I find difficulties in helping my kids learning: 

Patience and attention is younger kids’ idols. / Sabar & perhatian itulah idola anak-anak kecil. By Teacher Puji Susanti (Ms.) 

What Everyone Wants // Human

How pleased and joyful I am at the moment, my kids (5 & almost 7) are healthy, playing together while chatting each other without quarrelling in a peaceful environment. 

I guess this moment is what everyone, every family,  every human wants in life. No matter where you are, who we are. We are the same, human. 


Senangnya anak-anak sehat saat ini, bermain bersama sambil saling berceloteh dengan rukun, di lingkungan yang aman dan damai.

 Saya kira saat-saat seperti ini adalah saat-saat yang diinginkan, di rindukan oleh setiap orang, oleh setiap keluarga, dan oleh setiap manusia dalam hidupnya. Tidak peduli di manapun kita berada, dan siapapun kita. Kita semua makhluk yang sama, manusia. 

(Indonesia language) 


Apalah arti menang atau kalah,
Apalah arti sengit,
Apalah arti sibuk,
Bila waktu sudah tak ada,
Semua itu tak berarti.

Waktu berlalu seperti angin,
Masa kecil yang kunikmati,
Masa remaja penuh tantangan,
Masa-masa indah dan,
Tentu tak lepas dari ketaksempurnaan,

Tapi apalah arti itu semua,
Bila mereka telah pergi,
Waktuku telah lewat,
Tanpa ku bisa memberi yang berarti,
Walau hal simpel dan basic seperti,
Waktu dan cinta,
Menikmati kebersamaan dengan kasih sayang.

Ampuni aku, Dad,
Ampuni aku, Tuhan.

Decluttering Updated, 30 Mar 2017 

After several an-hour-decluttering-session on Wednesdays & Saturdays and 10 minutes here & there, the result is I’ve got 3 significant places, that the new organisation I hope more efficient & effective in serving our family life.

1. My room

My room, actually the master bedroom (it’s for the 4 of us). Yup, the small table on the right. Before decluttering, it was full of kids’& my books, toys on it, and on the floor underneath the table. Yes, the study table on the left is still not decluttered yet, my next target. 

2. At the entrance: lockers

Before, at the entrance/guest room, we had 3 lockers like the 2 right lockers for kids books & toys including Legos.  I can declutter couple of toys so 1 locker is empty & then moved to upstairs into the guest bedroom/study room. Here in the photo is our one 3×4 locker & two 1×4 locker for tools, photo albums, hobbies (swimming, roller skate), kids book, toys, Legos – –  but the 2 top right I haven’t decluttered them yet. 

Another place is our guest bedroom/study room upstairs. Before, we had no locker. Now we have 1 for papers, photo paper, photoprinter, CD programmes, and a couple of guest things for the guest(s). 

3. More organised shoe rack

Yeah, I know it’s not a great deal, but I put name for each line & donate one kid’s shoe. 

I think that’s all I declutter in March. 

Thanks for reading. See you next time and have a great day. 


One Persistence Positive Act Everyday is One Hope

Positive thinking for a child during child’s growing up stage, even just from one adult in the family, goes a long way from what people could think, specially when couple of turbulent environments surrounding the child. It gives hopes, even only one hope. With a hope, a child can look at & have a dream for his/her future. Positive thinking also gives confidence & at least the minimum stability a child needs. 

Negative thinking does the opposite. One with negative thinking, how clever & how successful one is, has almost no use in a child’s growing stage, if not harms or sends a set back message. He/she even blocks his/her positive qualities in the eye of a child. 

Moana Art

 By my oldest kid (will be 7 later this year) & me. Using pencil, marker & crayon. Sailing boats drawn in white paper then cut and pasted into blue paper. My kid is excited on  Moana things: the sailing boats, scenery, Mau I’m dancing, Heihei, Gramma’s stories, and how Gramma then become manta Ray spirit. 

My kid drew the composition by pencil: sailing boats, objects on sailing screen, mountains & tree on the right. I colored, drew mountains on the left, sun in the boats screen & waves, added patterns, sky background. My youngest kid drew the sun with crayon. And (oh, no… )  my youngest kid just now adds that blue streak on the sky.