My Mother

When we grew up…

You poured yourself to us,
You gave yourself to us,
until nothing left.

Because of you,
I have the courage to say freely my thought about things that now some may hold at the back still.
I have the courage to expect a better life.
Even though at your time, you could never have them nor have the courage to dream on.
But you had sown the seeds in us to grow.

You walked your talk,
you set an example for us.

You nurtured us,
you nourished us,
we were full of love.

Despite all the imperfections,
that happened to all of us,
you did always do for us,
sincerely, willingly, joyfully and cheerfully…in any seasons.
In good times and in bad times,
in health and in sick.

You’re our anchor, you’re our rock.

Now we’ve grown up, and you’ve grown old gracefully…

Time flies,
things change.
Everything dwindles,
subtly but surely.

You are still smiling joyfully and cheerfully to life.

I hope I can follow your example, Mom.

Dear Lord, please meet my mother’s every need.
/from a sharp tongue & impatience grown up child/

Bread For the Brain

After 3 weeks of school holiday in my country, including one and a half week of Idul Fitri holiday where factories and most companies in my country close during the season, I become so glued into the very leisure or slow motion mode. No morning hurry to prepare brunch-box and drive 2 kids to 2 schools of total distance 12 kms before the morning traffic starts. And no need to prepare breakfast for hubby before drive kids to school. No need to make sure kids review what they study at school on weekdays. Yay…

But mid July the school will start again. We need to make sure the young one learns a lot to be able to read, write, count & do simple math before the young one tested for the elementary school eligibility, in the same school as the older one. While the older one should have had the proficiency in math: plus minus up to 100. Why? Because the next level, the older one will start multiplying & dividing.

As a stay at home mom, it seems my brain has not been working during the “real” holiday. But I think I have come to consciousness that I need to activate and feed my brain regularly through learning everyday. I and every human being need to feed their brain on a daily basis, because that’s a human nature. I am struggling to do it everyday, to have time & energy to nurture my brain, even though it’s only a bite of mini-knowledge-cake. I see that some people in my surrounding, specially the stay at home moms (some are at my age or a decade younger, more are the old style traditionalist) that they don’t need to activate their brain, or believe so that women with kids don’t need to study/achive more in knowledge/expertise except if it can help the family income. I think that believe is too bad. So many unused potentials for the betterment of human kind. But I believe that it is every human’s Nature and Right to use the brain we are equipped with for a betterment through learning and studying in real life as well as using books as the tool. And I also do believe in part time job, which everyone could give more their expertise and energy to the economical productivity system for the progress and more development of their own country.

I believe that no single seed, effort nor deed is wasted. 

Sebelum & Setelah Beranak…¬†

Dulu Ace Hardware, sekarang Daisho…

Dulu ProDesign, sekarang Activ Furniture…

Dulu Periplus or Gramedia or Paperclip, sekarang Tokobukumurahonline, Uranus, or Toga Mas….

Dulu Baskin & Robbins or Zangrandi, sekarang Walls, Campina, or Cone/Sundae A&W…

Dulu kadang Myoung Ga or Hoka Hoka Bento, sekarang bikin daging teriyaki/”BBQ” dan nugget (sering bikin) sendiri…

Dulu kadang Pizza Hut or Kafe Pisa, sekarang bikin pizza & spaghetti sendiri…

Dulu Swatch, sekarang none… Karena Swatch nya masih awet, ganti baterai

Dulu Crocs, sekarang Daimatu…

Dulu Starbucks or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, sekarang jerang & seduh any Nescafe sachet, teh, & also this nice one Kopi Jahe nya Sido Muncul…

Time goes by, needs change.
Namun biarlah kebahagiaan & kegembiraan selalu menjadi milik kepunyaan kita… 

Culture (2)

‚ÄčEven though I adore the many beautiful manifestation works of culture, the awesome art, I dont believe in culture, coz many cultures, specially in my surroundings, that might is right still more or less can be found widely practiced. Instead, I believe in forming habit, order, logic, kindness, compassion & goodwill.


East vs West

East is east, West is west. 

Even though I think I adopt western principles, in the reality I do think as easterner. However, some of my friends might think I do so. 

I thought I was the one of the most western adopters in my pack (of common easterners) in my way of thinking & daily practice, but in the reality, the westerners won’t think so, nothing looks the same as each other.  

What made me thought I was so west in the way of thinking or life was only that since my childhood I love reading some translated books written by Western authors (Laura Ingalls Wilder, Astrid Lindgren, comics of Charles Dickens, ‘Tarzan’ Edgar Riceborough) rather than translated books by other available authors (such as Japanese, Korea, Chinese) in my childhood. I found my childhood was happily filled & fueled by building my imagination from these books. Practicing the principles from these books also made me feel fulfiled even the result are sometimes good, sometimes not. 

But, in the reality, I’ve never studied & lived in the western world at all. I only stepped my feet to western world (Europe) once, just for 2 weeks, 7 years ago. 

I never make a friend with westerner(s) for a proper period of time, or have much interactions with them at all. Furthermore, I live in my country for my entire life. 

But, that’s okay. I keep on ‘that’ way, coz I think it’s one of the most fulfilling & suitable for me to face the world. 

That’s my thoughts, and I think that’s all for now.