Decluttering Updated, 30 Mar 2017 

After several an-hour-decluttering-session on Wednesdays & Saturdays and 10 minutes here & there, the result is I’ve got 3 significant places, that the new organisation I hope more efficient & effective in serving our family life.

1. My room

My room, actually the master bedroom (it’s for the 4 of us). Yup, the small table on the right. Before decluttering, it was full of kids’& my books, toys on it, and on the floor underneath the table. Yes, the study table on the left is still not decluttered yet, my next target. 

2. At the entrance: lockers

Before, at the entrance/guest room, we had 3 lockers like the 2 right lockers for kids books & toys including Legos.  I can declutter couple of toys so 1 locker is empty & then moved to upstairs into the guest bedroom/study room. Here in the photo is our one 3×4 locker & two 1×4 locker for tools, photo albums, hobbies (swimming, roller skate), kids book, toys, Legos – –  but the 2 top right I haven’t decluttered them yet. 

Another place is our guest bedroom/study room upstairs. Before, we had no locker. Now we have 1 for papers, photo paper, photoprinter, CD programmes, and a couple of guest things for the guest(s). 

3. More organised shoe rack

Yeah, I know it’s not a great deal, but I put name for each line & donate one kid’s shoe. 

I think that’s all I declutter in March. 

Thanks for reading. See you next time and have a great day. 


Decluttering is Good For My Emotional Health

Decluttering is one of my emotional catharsis.

Especially for particular days when i think:
1.   I fail on several things.
2.   I’m not very productive.
3.   I don’t reach my goals.
4.   Things don’t work as what I think they supposed to be.
5.   I have very high emotional fluctuations/emotional need to be released, or bad mood.

I feel completing something after decluttering and counting how many things I have uncluttered. But most of all, I am pleased and more peaceful to see more open space at home, in rooms, inside cupboards, on the tables. It is likely the emotional burden in my heart thrown far away, with the things I release in decluttering.

Yes, i always feel i have more space in my heart, calmer and peaceful with my mind too, that I have accomplished good things in that particular day.

My utmost and first inspiration of decluttering, simplicity, and more and more organizing smartly are my 2 boys, both toddlers. Living with them, you know what I mean.

My source of inspirations and models also from and

Hope you have a great weekend!