My Mother

When we grew up…

You poured yourself to us,
You gave yourself to us,
until nothing left.

Because of you,
I have the courage to say freely my thought about things that now some may hold at the back still.
I have the courage to expect a better life.
Even though at your time, you could never have them nor have the courage to dream on.
But you had sown the seeds in us to grow.

You walked your talk,
you set an example for us.

You nurtured us,
you nourished us,
we were full of love.

Despite all the imperfections,
that happened to all of us,
you did always do for us,
sincerely, willingly, joyfully and cheerfully…in any seasons.
In good times and in bad times,
in health and in sick.

You’re our anchor, you’re our rock.

Now we’ve grown up, and you’ve grown old gracefully…

Time flies,
things change.
Everything dwindles,
subtly but surely.

You are still smiling joyfully and cheerfully to life.

I hope I can follow your example, Mom.

Dear Lord, please meet my mother’s every need.
/from a sharp tongue & impatience grown up child/

It’s Not My Fight 

It’s not my fight… Over there,
My fight is to train my kids of what’s right….Over here,

What’s proper and ethical,
What’s flow from the heart and what’s logical,

to encourage creativity,
to teach them discipline and responsibility,
to interact in integrity,

to let them practicing persistence and endurance,
to help them to be hardworking and competence,

to have love, big heart and kindness,
to diligently bear any consequences.

Ah, certainly not an easy task,
Help me Almighty, I would ask.

~a mother & homemaker/Indonesia

To My Dear Fellows

Fresh water flows to the low,
to the white roses in the meadow,
so much goodness that I owe,
for every good things that you sow,
I’m sure they’ll grow and glow,
time’ll let them shine and show,
hope your every walk be fruitful my dear Fellow.

I’ve been blessed with so much goodness in my life, including so much goodness my friends & fellows near & far have brought to me…. I write this for all my friends & fellows that have supported me in so many ways… In spirit, in enthusiasm, in happiness & distress, you have shared so many insights & wisdoms to me…my life without you all will never be like this.

Rainy Days

Every afternoon I look outside,
layers of clouds are grey and black,
all the intentions I have to put aside,
Pondering am I still on the right track?
Against downpouring how would I ride?
Just wondering when will the summer be back?

In 2 months mid Nov-mid Jan our new car in credit has been hit 3x. Thank U Lord for your help & providence to solve all till finished, even 3rd is not final done.

Ode to Se’i (Sarapan Se’i)

​Yuk sarapan pagi,
dengan yang bergizi,
bekal awali hari.

Yuk sarapan se’i,
benar-benar berenergi,
agar hari kita maksi.

C’mon, c’mon, o yeah…

Se’i dengan havermut,
agar perut tidak gendut,
siapa takut.

Yeay, yeay, huh hah, huh hah…

Comotkan se’i ke sambal lu’at,
asam gurih pedasnya pas menyengat,
sungguh paduan yang tepat.

Ow, ow, ow…

Untuk badan yang kuat,
Yuk kita satukan tekat,
untuk hari yang hebat…


Feeling Is Everything

​When you are dealing with feeling, it seems like you deal with everything.

Feeling sometimes is so overwhelming.

It seems like it’s bigger than power, order, objective, routine, fact, intelligence, and commonsense; even though I fact it is affected by them. Feeling is part of complex thinking process. Feeling, together with the information & logic we attain, provides us the drive to do something or to comply with, it also gives us the sense of urge & importance, and it leads us go towards direction of our future.

Feeling we have it inside.

Feeling, I do receive you, I do accept you.

I deal with you everyday, I befriend with you.

Feeling, would you help me to decide big things as well as deciding daily trivia things towards good big things?

Feeling, I think we can nurture it regularly with openess, interaction, knowledge, and goodness to result better.

Feeling, I think how we shape our feeling is one way how we shape our future.

Feeling, I treat you good,… would you also treat me good?