It’s Not My Fight 

It’s not my fight… Over there,
My fight is to train my kids of what’s right….Over here,

What’s proper and ethical,
What’s flow from the heart and what’s logical,

to encourage creativity,
to teach them discipline and responsibility,
to interact in integrity,

to let them practicing persistence and endurance,
to help them to be hardworking and competence,

to have love, big heart and kindness,
to diligently bear any consequences.

Ah, certainly not an easy task,
Help me Almighty, I would ask.

~a mother & homemaker/Indonesia

One Persistence Positive Act Everyday is One Hope

Positive thinking for a child during child’s growing up stage, even just from one adult in the family, goes a long way from what people could think, specially when couple of turbulent environments surrounding the child. It gives hopes, even only one hope. With a hope, a child can look at & have a dream for his/her future. Positive thinking also gives confidence & at least the minimum stability a child needs. 

Negative thinking does the opposite. One with negative thinking, how clever & how successful one is, has almost no use in a child’s growing stage, if not harms or sends a set back message. He/she even blocks his/her positive qualities in the eye of a child. 

Moana Art

 By my oldest kid (will be 7 later this year) & me. Using pencil, marker & crayon. Sailing boats drawn in white paper then cut and pasted into blue paper. My kid is excited on  Moana things: the sailing boats, scenery, Mau I’m dancing, Heihei, Gramma’s stories, and how Gramma then become manta Ray spirit. 

My kid drew the composition by pencil: sailing boats, objects on sailing screen, mountains & tree on the right. I colored, drew mountains on the left, sun in the boats screen & waves, added patterns, sky background. My youngest kid drew the sun with crayon. And (oh, no… )  my youngest kid just now adds that blue streak on the sky. 


Counting My Clutter, Etc.

This posting is featured in Miss Minimalist 

First, let me wish everyone A Happy New Year… And a good luck for everyone this year.

During December till today (3 Jan 2017), I have done some decluttering, including 1 of my 4 shoes. My final goal is to be more intentional in life ahead. Decluttering, streamlining & minimalist lifestyle are in the same thread, and I think they’re one of the greatest, cheapest, and easiest way to achieve an intentional life.

The road to minimalism started when I moved to a new company in June 1998, right after a political succession & shift in my country. The new company I worked for was handling IKEA’s suppliers. I just knew there had been a global homeliving company like IKEA (yes, I know so little about the world…) who designed, outsourced, controlled the quality, and then distributed them around its store around the world, but not in Indonesia at that time. (Even now, I haven’t had the opportunity to visit IKEA in our capital city yet. But I always arrange my home IKEA like with local things around me hehe… ). There was one IKEA catalog in the company that I fell in love immediately, I checked it after lunch at lunch breaks.

Then I picked my sister college book about various history & the influence of philosophy & culture that manifestated into architectural trend, “Citra Wastu” by Y. B. Mangunwijaya. The unit telling about true utility & plain functional architecture trend of German philosophy really caught me. I could relate this philosophy to IKEA style. From that moment I stopped collecting ethnic unique knick knacks. I gave most of them to my nieces & friends. I shifted my ideal style of ethnic tropical home to a simple tropical home with very minimum delicate details.

Then when the Internet was accessible, unintentionally I found blogs about minimalism. I then learn & follow a couple of minimalist bloggers & guru such as Leo Babauta of Zen HabitsFrancine Jay’s Miss Minimalist, then Rachel Jones of Nourishing Minimalism, and mother of four Allie Casazza. I think they’re all incredible source in their own standpoint & capacity on teaching minimalism, simplicity & intentional life, even though until at the moment I haven’t joined any of their paid course/bought their books yet.

But the real turning point was when our first baby was born 11 years after our marriage. I had become a stay at home mom at the time. Speaking of time, physical & mental energy, I was always almost exhausted & overwhelmed in a daily basis at the end of the days, even though I had a domestic helper every other day. My husband worked long hours, often traveled out of town for days, and arriving home already tired. Then the next 21 months the second baby came. Up to now, I could not imagine what and how I can do with the kids if I had not been into minimalism.

Now the kids this year will be 5 and 7, and I’m in my early forty. As a stay at home mom, I have more time & energy to do my things again these recent years. However, I don’t do any businesses from home. I just take an English course and try to regularly write my blog idlehomemaker.wordpress.comin my spare time. With the higher demand from today’s school toward younger kids, and as any other moms in every corner of the world, I have to put a balanced effort in everything for the wellbeing of all family members. By the way, I may not be a very business-like person nor a Type-A person and more looks like an agricultural one maybe. I still need to learn a lot about managing time, physical & mental energy as well as be a healthier person, and what I would like to reach in the future years. And my home is still far from a real minimalist home, though. I can’t do a Konmari approach with 2 young kids around and all the activities. But I’m very positive to be a more minimalist & intentional in life this year. If you would like to share any suggestions to me, I am very pleased & thankful.

Finally, I decluttered approximately 140 things in 2016, not an impressive number… , mostly just-in-case things, some knick knacks, broken toys/things (actually can be repaired still, but I choose to give them up). And this early January, I have decluttered 30 things, mostly our overgrown kids’ clothings & my not-so-favourite-anymore from my wardrobe.

Cheers to all of you. Have a nice day…

Best regards,

Sebelum & Setelah Beranak… 

Dulu Ace Hardware, sekarang Daisho…

Dulu ProDesign, sekarang Activ Furniture…

Dulu Periplus or Gramedia or Paperclip, sekarang Tokobukumurahonline, Uranus, or Toga Mas….

Dulu Baskin & Robbins or Zangrandi, sekarang Walls, Campina, or Cone/Sundae A&W…

Dulu kadang Myoung Ga or Hoka Hoka Bento, sekarang bikin daging teriyaki/”BBQ” dan nugget (sering bikin) sendiri…

Dulu kadang Pizza Hut or Kafe Pisa, sekarang bikin pizza & spaghetti sendiri…

Dulu Swatch, sekarang none… Karena Swatch nya masih awet, ganti baterai

Dulu Crocs, sekarang Daimatu…

Dulu Starbucks or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, sekarang jerang & seduh any Nescafe sachet, teh, & also this nice one Kopi Jahe nya Sido Muncul…

Time goes by, needs change.
Namun biarlah kebahagiaan & kegembiraan selalu menjadi milik kepunyaan kita… 

East vs West

East is east, West is west. 

Even though I think I adopt western principles, in the reality I do think as easterner. However, some of my friends might think I do so. 

I thought I was the one of the most western adopters in my pack (of common easterners) in my way of thinking & daily practice, but in the reality, the westerners won’t think so, nothing looks the same as each other.  

What made me thought I was so west in the way of thinking or life was only that since my childhood I love reading some translated books written by Western authors (Laura Ingalls Wilder, Astrid Lindgren, comics of Charles Dickens, ‘Tarzan’ Edgar Riceborough) rather than translated books by other available authors (such as Japanese, Korea, Chinese) in my childhood. I found my childhood was happily filled & fueled by building my imagination from these books. Practicing the principles from these books also made me feel fulfiled even the result are sometimes good, sometimes not. 

But, in the reality, I’ve never studied & lived in the western world at all. I only stepped my feet to western world (Europe) once, just for 2 weeks, 7 years ago. 

I never make a friend with westerner(s) for a proper period of time, or have much interactions with them at all. Furthermore, I live in my country for my entire life. 

But, that’s okay. I keep on ‘that’ way, coz I think it’s one of the most fulfilling & suitable for me to face the world. 

That’s my thoughts, and I think that’s all for now.