Bread For the Brain

After 3 weeks of school holiday in my country, including one and a half week of Idul Fitri holiday where factories and most companies in my country close during the season, I become so glued into the very leisure or slow motion mode. No morning hurry to prepare brunch-box and drive 2 kids to 2 schools of total distance 12 kms before the morning traffic starts. And no need to prepare breakfast for hubby before drive kids to school. No need to make sure kids review what they study at school on weekdays. Yay…

But mid July the school will start again. We need to make sure the young one learns a lot to be able to read, write, count & do simple math before the young one tested for the elementary school eligibility, in the same school as the older one. While the older one should have had the proficiency in math: plus minus up to 100. Why? Because the next level, the older one will start multiplying & dividing.

As a stay at home mom, it seems my brain has not been working during the “real” holiday. But I think I have come to consciousness that I need to activate and feed my brain regularly through learning everyday. I and every human being need to feed their brain on a daily basis, because that’s a human nature. I am struggling to do it everyday, to have time & energy to nurture my brain, even though it’s only a bite of mini-knowledge-cake. I see that some people in my surrounding, specially the stay at home moms (some are at my age or a decade younger, more are the old style traditionalist) that they don’t need to activate their brain, or believe so that women with kids don’t need to study/achive more in knowledge/expertise except if it can help the family income. I think that believe is too bad. So many unused potentials for the betterment of human kind. But I believe that it is every human’s Nature and Right to use the brain we are equipped with for a betterment through learning and studying in real life as well as using books as the tool. And I also do believe in part time job, which everyone could give more their expertise and energy to the economical productivity system for the progress and more development of their own country.

I believe that no single seed, effort nor deed is wasted. 

Moon Orchid, My Country


Moon orchid*, you’re so beautiful, and I feel peaceful looking at you.

My country is beautiful & peaceful, same as you.

Let her be the ultimate place of inspiration for our work, our sweat & our sanctuary.

I love all my fellow Indonesians, we are Indonesians, we are Indonesia.


1. Moon orchid ia one of three Indonesia National Flower. Photo credit from

2. Today 9 Jul 14, we, Indonesians have Election Day for President & Vice President. The incumbents are only 2 sets. The competition of each incumbent’s supporters are so heat up, somehow seems like beyond objectivity & seems like torn apart the country, my concern.

3.  I’m a minority Indonesian Chinese. One of many subjects of election campaigns has relations with Riot May 1998 issues of missing peoples & some Indonesian Chinese as victims.

Working On My Hope

~I would keep working on my hope, eventhough the circumstances are nope.~

I am worried, because my kids grow & live within in this recent generation.
I am worried for what happened in my country Indonesia, at least these 3 concerns. I read about 1&2 in the newspaper.

1. Too many victims of paedophilia in Indonesia.

2. National Examination keys are leakage & spread in some places within the exam time.

3. Many television programs & portions just think that rating is everything, despite their potential & opportunity to educate throughout the nation, about what is important & about universal virtues & values.

Koalisi #2

Puteri malu, terinjak sapi beringas.

hanya sensasi,
penuh basa-basi,

Dulu menjauhi,
sekarang menjajaki

tuk pertahankan posisi,
tuk regenerasi

Lihatlah realitas,
ia tak sekedar bahan perbincangan lawas,
ia tak semata janji tak berbekas.

12 April 2014
Inspired by: The update situation after quick count result of Indonesia Legislative Election on 9 Apr 14.