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Hilang, lenyap, tak berbekas.
Tersapu kabut, terlalu pekat.
Nafas keringat menderu, di dalam kalbu, suatu waktu.
Ku tercekat mengingat.
Darat tak sisakan sidik, laut sirnakan jejak.
Lenyap tertelan bumi.

Mentari beribu kali kitari ufuk, butir-butir pasir tlah membatu.
Hanya secuil kenangan manis yg pekat di hati berbalur pahit.

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Beautiful nature always make me smile & relieved.

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Hilang itu hampa.
Walau beringinku tumbuh wajar.
Tak terganti. Sedih. Teriris.
Hatiku masih utuh,
hanya ada potongan yang lepas,
yang dulu turut bentuk hatiku jadi kini.

Alam mohon riakan aku.

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Tawa canda rupa warna kita pernah beriringan.
kebajikan yg kautabur kusimpan,
tetap ku tegak berjalan menuju matahari.
Moga kau juga.

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Perfections nurture us healthily, but imperfections also shape us beautifully.

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Hi Dear Friends,

I am very thankful this week for these variations of usual routine. It is not the I’m less tired, but the family fun & variations cheers me up.

1. Bring the kids and niece and his mother to Safari Garden   Our oldest (almost 5) is excited and enjoy, he is fond of animals and everything about them (knowledge and habits of each wild animals there, the animal shows – – dolphin, otter, elephant, bird of prey; animal dolls), while the youngest (3) isn’t into very much but carrot feeding herbivores (llama, zebra, deer) and seeing elephant. The youngest (with his father) enjoys very much riding various trains, kayak, car and many other kids rides that also available in the garden, while we watch animal shows.

2.  These recent 3 weeks my hubby often cooks for the family, the food he likes to eat & the new menu for the family, either with usual Teflon wok as well as our new electric oven (18L). Cheese lasagna, smoked beef-cheese/bockwurst filled hotdog, as well as prawn fried noodle. I don’t need to cook for kids when he cooks noodle, as kids like noodle their father prepared.

3.  A week school holiday (13-19May) and my hubby can accompany kids most of this weekend holiday (as 14 & 16 May public holiday), kids love when their father around. They can play more “rough” plays with father, and many go outside activities (eat out with yards wide enough to roam & run, swim, park as safari garden).

With warm regards,

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A one-day family trip to Trawas, East Java, to inhale fresh oxygen, just 70 km (1-1.5 hours driving) from the bustling East Java capital of Surabaya.

While watching out my 2 kids under 5 happily running everywhere in this family holiday area “Blessing Hills”, I take a little time to snap some greeneries surrounding the villa area with my handphone camera, all photos are original without touching. I know these photos are nothing comparing to other places such as Tegalalang-Bali & some China region that famous for spectacular terracing rice fields. But so far, where my legs could reach is just here.

What we can do here as adult is not so much: camping, swimming, running (there is a flat jogging track), rent a bike, horseback around the villa area, and eating local food. But what we do is only the last, eating local food: chicken satay, tahu tek & tahu telur (tofu & tofu mix egg with black shrimp paste sauce), also drinking young coconut water from the fruit – –  very fresh. The food taste is not very-very special. But I see the fried banana are very tempting, yup, coz here is banana republic.

What I love most from this family holiday place is: The Terracing Rice Fields I can see from here – – the most beautiful thing of my country & what I will miss & always feel peaceful about my country if I will ever living far for long time. Oh, if I were a singer, I will sing “I love the green of Indonesia…”. The second is the fresh & cool air. Then, the fresh young coconut fruit – – its water & its soft fruit meat that we can eat using spoon.

And what I don’t think would find here is, Albert Einstein ‘s quotes, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”


Terracing rice fields


Banana Republic: Banana trees marching. We have lots of banana trees, they're in every corner.




The camping ground


Found Albert Einstein.


Sceneries from Blessing Hills, beside Grand Trawas Hotel, at Trawas-East Java, Indonesia. Sunday, 7 Dec 2014.

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