Kemangi (Ocimum citriodorum, a.k.a. O. basilicum var. anisatum Benth)


Pepes kemangi dan putih telur.

Kugigit kau,
Baru kau udarkan bau.

Harum lime kaya aroma yang tak pudar,
Ringan dan segar,
Hadirkan ceria memekar.

Satu-satunya sayuran,
Yang tak pernah kutolak untuk ditelan,
Bila kau ada di menu,
Aku pasti mau.

Just name it…
Sayur bayam (jangan kunci) ataupun pecel sayuran,
Pepes (botok) ataupun lalapan,
Kaupun kuhadirkan dalam beberapa reka,
Nasi goreng kare – yang pertama,
Nasi goreng tuna – yang kedua.

Kau sedap mewangi,
Keharuman dan kekayaan aromamu,
Tak tergantikan,
Tak terlupakan.

10 GOALS A WEEK, 13-19 JAN 2016


Big change this week, we can manage kids to play tablet 1 hour/week. But they still stick to TV for 2 hours/day recently. However, The young one is better in his responses than when he frequently played long hours with tablet.

1. Kids learn more intentionally:
     80% DONE — 1st kid learns 2x/day
     40% DONE — 2nd kid learns 1x/day
2. 50% DONE — Story time every afternoon/night.
3. DONE — Cook min 1 dish/day. Totally I cook 7x/week, but there are days I don’t cook, there are days I cook more than 1 dish.
4. DONE — Learn to cook 1 new menu/week. 1st time in my life, I use Oven that we buy +- 4 months ago, I try pizza, not from scratch, I buy pizza base.
5. DONE — Declutter toy & kitchen cupboards, organize underwear & socks.
6. NOT YET — Kids routinely brush teeth 2x/day.

7. NOT YET. Get slimmer & healthier. I have followed Noom Coach free, but only half of the days I eat veggies & fruits before breakfast & dinner. My weight still the same, not drop 1 kg. I’ve been observing: the more stress I have, the more I eat. I also need to munch something to help me focus when learning at the desk. Meanwhile, now I eat slower, it makes me be able to be more mindful: is it enough already, so I eat smaller portion now.

8. NOT YET. Pick up 2nd hand baby products in reseller office.
9. NOT YET. I have installed OLX apps, but not yet put the 2nd baby products on OLX.
10. DONE — Write 3 things/week.

10 GOALS A WEEK, 13-19 JAN 2016

The theme is preparing for Chinese (Lunar) New Year in early February. Extended families will visit our home that day. As host, we can prepare what we have learnt “new menus” for big family lunch together. I plan to be able to declutter a lot before the D day, so the things we don’t use anymore can go to families, they can take what they want/need.

1. Kids learn more intentionally, both kids 1x/day.
2. Story time every afternoon/night.
3. Cook min 1 dish/day.
4. Learn to cook 1 new menu/week.
5. Declutter 1 really full night-stand & my husband closet.
6. Kids brush teeth 2x/day.

7. Drop 1 kg by following Noom apps.
8. Make up complete, everytime going to school with kids.

9. Pick up my 2nd hand baby products at reseller & sell it via OLX.
10. Write 3 things/day.

Fried Beef Chunks


Fried beef chunks

Mother & small kids friendly: easy to chew, simple ingredients, easy to cook.
Freezer food.


Bread crumbs flour, carrot, shallots, nutmeg


Minced meat, steamed blended veggie, onion, sugar, salt, nutmeg powder


Tear wholewheat bread into pieces, add to the meat batter


– 250 gr Minced beef tenderloin
– 1 broccoli/1 carrot
– 6 shallots/1 onion
– approx. or as per your taste 1.5 – 2 spoon (flat) Sugar
– approx. or as per your taste 1 – 1.5 teaspoon (flat) Salt
– 1 teaspoon (flat) nutmeg powder
– 1 Egg
– 2 slice Wholewheat bread
– 2 pack Bread crumbs flour (panko). Here 1 pack contains 200 gr.
– Frying oil, here I use coconut oil.


1. Broccoli/carrot: rinse well, cut small, steam till a bit soft. Put into food processor, add a little water, process (blend).

2. Chop the shallots/onion, blend till soft (add a little water if needed).

3. Put into food processor: steamed blended broccoli/carrot, shallots/onion, minced tenderloin. Process. If your minced tenderloin is from freezer (like me), steam the frozen minced till not hard, it can be half cooked, but it’s okay, wait till not too hot, then just put into food processor to blend together with other ingredients as above.

4. Add sugar, salt, nutmeg powder into the food processor. Process together with the meat.

5. Tear the wholewheat bread into pieces. Put into food processor, process together with the meat. The meat batter now is thicker after the wholewheat bread. Nlends inside. Put this meat batter into a big bowl.

6. Beat the egg. Put the beaten egg into big bowl. Mix egg with meat batter well, using spatula/hand with plastic gloves.

7. In a wide plate, spread the bread crumbs flour. Take a spoon of meat batter, put it in the bread crumbs flour, roll & cover the meat batter with the flour. Do the same till all the meat batter covered & powdered with the flour, they are now beef chunks, ready to fry/freeze. To freeze: put the uncooked beef chunks into clip lock plastic, then freeze immediately. You can fry them once you need, finish within 2 weeks.

8. To fry: small-medium heat oil in non teflon skillet. Put several beef chunks into the skillet, the oil should cover the chunks. Fry them till both sides are golden brown. Put them on paper towel to dry the oil, then serve.