Culture (2)

​Even though I adore the many beautiful manifestation works of culture, the awesome art, I dont believe in culture, coz many cultures, specially in my surroundings, that might is right still more or less can be found widely practiced. Instead, I believe in forming habit, order, logic, kindness, compassion & goodwill.


Basic Needs

​I think, we all need to fill our mind with enough dosage of knowledge & compassion everyday, to make it works well throughout the day. They’re our fuel.

We can find compassion in interaction with each other, works/labor with love, through beauty & nature as well as from art & music.

Knowledge & compassion are the basic needs of the human being, despite the existence of physical needs such as food, clothes & home.

The Real One/In Doing Things 

​Fill your heart with compassion, love & do your duty or the good work well. That’s all. Never hope people will return your good deeds or you get something for what you do.

I know this is just like the common thought, but it’s often that people don’t know/realize about this. 

East vs West

East is east, West is west. 

Even though I think I adopt western principles, in the reality I do think as easterner. However, some of my friends might think I do so. 

I thought I was the one of the most western adopters in my pack (of common easterners) in my way of thinking & daily practice, but in the reality, the westerners won’t think so, nothing looks the same as each other.  

What made me thought I was so west in the way of thinking or life was only that since my childhood I love reading some translated books written by Western authors (Laura Ingalls Wilder, Astrid Lindgren, comics of Charles Dickens, ‘Tarzan’ Edgar Riceborough) rather than translated books by other available authors (such as Japanese, Korea, Chinese) in my childhood. I found my childhood was happily filled & fueled by building my imagination from these books. Practicing the principles from these books also made me feel fulfiled even the result are sometimes good, sometimes not. 

But, in the reality, I’ve never studied & lived in the western world at all. I only stepped my feet to western world (Europe) once, just for 2 weeks, 7 years ago. 

I never make a friend with westerner(s) for a proper period of time, or have much interactions with them at all. Furthermore, I live in my country for my entire life. 

But, that’s okay. I keep on ‘that’ way, coz I think it’s one of the most fulfilling & suitable for me to face the world. 

That’s my thoughts, and I think that’s all for now. 


What I Learn This Week (1st & 2nd week of Oct 2016)

1. It’s time to put everything into perspective. This also includes remembering what I want to achieve & what I need to do purposedly.

2. What’s done is done, I can do nothing about it, whether it’s right/wrong, proper/improper.

3. Finalise everything that I put on hold for so long. Give everything I do a time frame.

4. Openess should always be reciprocal, I think. When you open yourself to other(s), you need other(s) to open up to you too, coz human is an emotional creature. I guess, I learn it the hard way.

5. I need to build, develop, make a lot of effort, spend more real interactions & relations with the real human/friends rather than virtual/blog. Human is a social creature. As a social creature, I do need learning a lot of this to have an proper social ability with other people. Sharing information & emotions, tolerance, how to handle them with others. I can’t learn these needed skills from virtual interactions/relations.

6. There is no use to do so many things in a very limited time abruptly. They have no results, we (specially kids, and I too) can’t learn anything from what we’ve done, and only cause stress to me (big stress) & other people involved (kids specially). Instead, I need to make a plan (including in the strategy is wake up 2.5 hours earlier daily), do it one by one, one thing at a time, and stick with the plan. If I do it patiently & persistently, in the long run, it will give us a good result.



Openess should always be reciprocal, I think. When you open yourself to other(s), you need other(s) to open up to you too, coz human is an emotional creature. I guess, I learn it the hard way.