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A one-day family trip to Trawas, East Java, to inhale fresh oxygen, just 70 km (1-1.5 hours driving) from the bustling East Java capital of Surabaya.

While watching out my 2 kids under 5 happily running everywhere in this family holiday area “Blessing¬†Hills”, I take a little time to snap some greeneries surrounding the villa area with my handphone camera, all photos are original without touching. I know these photos are nothing comparing to other places such as Tegalalang-Bali & some China region that famous for spectacular terracing rice fields. But so far, where my legs could reach is just here.

What we can do here as adult is not so much: camping, swimming, running (there is a flat jogging track), rent a bike, horseback around the villa area, and eating local food. But what we do is only the last, eating local food: chicken satay, tahu tek & tahu telur (tofu & tofu mix egg with black shrimp paste sauce), also drinking young coconut water from the fruit – –¬† very fresh. The food taste is not very-very special. But I see the fried banana are very tempting, yup, coz here is banana republic.

What I love most from this family holiday place is: The Terracing Rice Fields I can see from here – – the most beautiful thing of my country & what I will miss & always feel peaceful about my country if I will ever living far for long time. Oh, if I were a singer, I will sing “I love the green of Indonesia…”. The second is the fresh & cool air. Then, the fresh young coconut fruit – – its water & its soft fruit meat that we can eat using spoon.

And what I don’t think would find here is, Albert Einstein ‘s quotes, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”


Terracing rice fields


Banana Republic: Banana trees marching. We have lots of banana trees, they're in every corner.




The camping ground


Found Albert Einstein.


Sceneries from Blessing Hills, beside Grand Trawas Hotel, at Trawas-East Java, Indonesia. Sunday, 7 Dec 2014.

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Dear Friends, thank you for we are being together in 2014. Wishing you a Happy New Year 2015, full of renewed hopes, spirit & strength.

And my 2015 resolutions, just ordinary ones:
1. Stop overeating, eat healthy.
2. Stop angry outburst: more patient, more creative ways to handle kids.
3. Wake up earlier, 4am, in order to be able to have time for:
– Reflection.
– Doing hobbies/what I like/having a more balanced life – – such as blogging, learning photography, reading, thinking, even decluttering – – with the purpose of self actualization & to increase my daily satisfaction at the end of the day.
– Daily preparing veggies and/or fruits – –  to add the daily veggies/fruits intake in meals & snacks.
As the consequences, I have to sleep earlier & arrange the days accordingly.

And the least, I hope you have great times with you loved ones this holiday season.

Warm regards,
Vivi ~ Idle Homemaker

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Photo by Joe Markus Photography.

Look at the sea, sail to the sea, jump into the sea – –  sea will quickly explore all emotions human has: from joyful to frightful, boring to bonding, wondering to wandering, from curiosities to our capability to handle adversities.

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I’ve been raised by splendid heart of my parents, specially my mom, that how I will see the world & live my life too.

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A good singer speaks to the heart & mind of his/her each audience. Through the songs, they bring people & places to us, moments & ideas, they inspire us. Singers told us stories we can relate, they can make us laugh & cry instantly. #listeningtomariahcarey #canttakethataway #illbethere

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Thinking and thanking.
My beautiful and bountiful country.
May God bless each of us, the people of Indonesia.
20 Oct 2014.

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In many ways, nature is sweet & kind to the soul. Nurturing nature is nurturing mankind.

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